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I approach each painting like a new journey, excited for the final destination, but more so for the adventure on my way to get there.   I use layers to explore abstraction through experimental applications.  Essentially, I am dissecting forms found in nature, a memory, or my imagination and assigning each one a color, texture, or shape, by way of brush stroke, splatter, puddle, pour, or smear. Juxtaposition is also a common theme in my work; you will often find organic forms and geometric shapes together in an unexpected composition.  I like to challenge familiar combinations of color, shape, and texture to create new imagery that the viewer can make their own.  Intuition, watching the colors and shapes dance, will often determine my next move.  I am driven by watching each painting come alive, layer by layer or stroke by stroke.  I strive to create something that looks like nothing seen before, then realize,  it can be anything.  


recent shows

Jasmyn Jeffers


Illinois State University

Bachelor of Science, 2003

Major:  Studio Arts - Concentration in Painting and Jewelry/Metals

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April - July 2017


November 2013:

Basic Brewery, Hendersonville, NC

Solo Retrospective                                                           

Clay Stephens Lifestyles, Melbourne, FL

Emerging Artists: Earth, Sea, and Sky Interpretations
October 2013:Off Center Art Center, Melbourne, FL
Fear, Phobias, and Dread
  July - September 2013:   Orlando Brewing, Orlando, FL


June 2013:Off Center Art Center, Melbourne, FL
May 2013:Off Center Art Center, Melbourne, FL
March 2013:Pizza Gallery, Viera, FL

Spring Thaw